Monday, April 19, 2010

Open mike nights, and suburban days

It's the typing , I swear. I journal a lot more frequently. no, really. OK. maybe not really! I can't believe I'm SO bad at this! But am trying to accept me as I am. No, really!
I've been coming to a tea bar, I guess you'd call it, regularly on Monday nights, right after group therapy. They've started an open mike night on Mondays and I just happened to be here that first night. I had a coupon! I really enjoyed it, and its a nice way to settle in with new thoughts from group. I'm there right now.

It's been a mixed night. I imagine most open mike's are. up until tonight it has mostly been friends of the organizer and all have been really good. It's a good sign, I guess, that work is getting out and other musicians are showing up to play. But some of them tonight have been strange. A pair of kids basically jamming out, out of their garage. A man with guitar and harmonica, who played really well backing up one of the other players earlier, but couldn't seem to get in the right key to sing on his own, started over three times, and then had a small hissy fit and left the mike. And then two other new ones who just bowled me over! Some of them are students at Peobody Conservatory. A classical guitarist who sets up like he's just going to play a little ditty and then soothes your soul with a Brazilian tune so complex and intimate. I need to learn some of their names so I can say, I saw them way back when!

I love knowing the depth of talent that exists in Baltimore, and am glad that I've gotten myself out to enjoy and appreciate it. Not many people want to go out on a Monday night, but I don't have much of an issue with going places on my own. If I didn't go by myself , I'd miss out on a lot of things. W. came with me last week and enjoyed it , but as a musician, she's seen it all before I think. My daughter was home on spring break and came with me and we had a great time. She's even invited me up to her school to see a comedian in May! Surprise, surprise. Warm the cockles of my heart, why doncha kiddo. I didn't let her know that I thought she said Adam Sandler, who I recognize. However, it's Andy Sandberg, who I had to google! I knew who it was once I did, but I'm not going to let her know that!

Anyway, the waitress is now recognizing me when I come in, I know where to park for free. It's my own personal Cheers in the making! If I ever move, which is so not going to happen, I could see moving down here, just to be able to go to more things like this. The burbs are nice but dull.
And I'm single, feeling my oats now that the kid is away at college, and I'm too cool for the suburbs! I go to open mike nights!

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Maria said...

I lived in Baltimore for many years and enjoyed it a lot. I did my internship there. What a great town it was.